The American Pitbull Terrier: Not The Blood Thirsty Killer It Has a Reputation For Being

American Pitbull Terrier

The American Pitbull Terrier is a feared dog by many people.  These dogs have gotten a really bad wrap over the years due dog fighting.  So breeders who take part in this criminal activity try to produce dogs that show signs of aggression.  They selectively breed these dogs so their offspring will have vicious tendency. But this isn’t the dogs fault and thankfully police around the country are cracking down on this illicit industry. When you get one of these dogs from a professional breeder that doesn’t take part in dog fighting you will get a very gentle and calm animal.

These Dogs Were Once Called Nanny Dogs

For many years, these dogs were used by people to watch their children due to their calm nature.  They were brought inside and allowed around even the smallest of kids.  With their watchful eye parents felt comfort that their children were being protected by the family pet.  This is a stark contrast to how many uneducated people feel about these animals.  While any dog can show signs of aggression, the American Pitbull Terrier if properly breed will be just as timid as a Poodle.

These Are Very Intelligent dogs

Many people who have been around this amazing breed will tell you they are super smart.  One of the most easy to train, these dogs learns very quickly what’s right and wrong.  You won’t have to scold these dogs very often because they love to please their owners.  In fact, these dogs take part in obedience competition around the world and many have taken home top prizes.  If you start training your dog while it’s a puppy, you will find that even though these animals are very large in size they will follow your lead with grace.

They Can Get Along Well With Other Members of the Family

If you have other pets in the home, these dogs will make the perfect companion animals.  They often love to play with other dogs and even cats.  Many people who own these dogs have many different kinds of animals in the home and they all get along well.  Just remember to socialize your dog while they are young.  This will help them to grow up to be happy and gentle animals that play well with others.  So if you are looking to bring one of these dogs into your home, make sure you slowly introduce them to each member of the family.

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