Some Answers to Why Your Dog Has Been Limping

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If your dog has been limping this is something you really need to take notice of early. While sometimes a dog limping can just be from a day of fun activity, and can pass within a few hours, what do you do if it doesn’t? What does it mean when your dog has been limping? Truth is, dogs use their bodies to speak to us, in this case, your dog is letting you know something might be seriously wrong and you need to act on it.

Again, it may just be a simple bruise or pain that will pass. Never assume the worst at first. That will just drive you crazy. But if your dog has been limping, and the limping persists, you need to act quickly. The limp is a reaction o f the dog’s normal range of movement being affected, which can be a bad sign. Though you can try and wonder and speculate, the reality is, unless you are your dog’s vet, you need to get answers professionally. Could it be a hip problem? Some bone issues developing? Could the dog be limping as a result of getting weaker from something else, like a heart condition? Sadly, yes to all of these.

So ultimately, act fast if you have seen your dog has been limping for more than a few hours. It is not worth bargaining with the dog’s life by ignoring it. Also, remember, that body movement is trying to warn you of something that the dog cannot.

(Photo by Franck Prevel/Getty Images)

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