The Australian Labradoodle Is Perfect for Families and Children

Australian Labradoodle

If you have ever crossed paths with this curly haired pooch, you might be wondering to yourself, what a strange looking animal?   The Australian Labradoodle is definitely one of the oddest looking dogs in the world.  With a long curly coat this dog will surely stand out from the rest of the pack.  This canine isn’t a different dog breed but is in fact a mixture of two different animals.  Breeders in the mid 1950’s began experimenting with hybrid dogs and crossed a Labrador retriever with a Poodle, and the Australian Labradoodle was born.  Now this hybrid cross is popular around the world and many breeders specialize in them.

This a Great Dog for Those with Allergies

One of the main reasons for creating such a dog was the fact that their coats are hypoallergenic.  This long haired dog is great for those who are otherwise allergic to dander, which is found in dog hair and these animals hardly ever shed. This means your home will be free of pet hair year round. But proper grooming is needed to keep their coats looking shine and tangle free.  A good trimming is also needed and you will likely have to take this dog to the groomers at least once every few months.

These Dogs Simply Love Their Families and Are Great With Kids

This is probably one of the sweetest of all hybrid crosses. Its love for its family is simply unmatched and their loyalty runs very deep.  So if you have a household with children this dog is really a great choice.  Very active animals, these dogs will love to run around and play with kids and are very gentle while playing.  Also great around other animals, these dogs will do really well if taken to a dog park.  Many people who have owned these dogs will tell you they are joyful and full of love.

Could I keep One of These Dogs Inside of an Apartment?

While these dogs are on the larger size with some reaching up to 70 pounds, they will do great in an apartment with one exception.  You are going to have to walk these dogs at least once a day because they love to exercise.  Keeping them penned up in a tiny apartment all day and not walking them will make them act out.  So if you live in an apartment and want to own one of these dogs, make sure you have the time to take up with them.  Hiring a dog walker is a great way to keep both you and your pet happy.

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