Authorities are Going After a Man Who Threw a Puppy Over a Six Foot Fence


Back in September, an appalling incident occurred, in which there was news of a man who was trying to get rid of his unwanted puppy threw the canine over a fence and then walked away. The six-month-old black and white pit bull named Dolly was tossed over the six-foot-high fence outside of a North County commercial building in Ramona, California, a town by San Diego. Thankfully, the whole thing was captured on surveillance video and was released on August 28, and the puppy was able to be rescued. At the time, the authorities had the suspect by face, but asked the public to help identify exactly who it was. It was a sad incident for the dog, but justice is now being served, with the man being identified by authorities and is now facing two misdemeanor charges.

Authorities have identified the suspect to be Gary Sartor of Ramona, who now faces charges of animal cruelty and abandonment charges. If Sartor is convicted of the charges, he would either spend up to six months in prison or would have to pay a fine of up to $1,000 for his actions. Dan DeSousa, a spokesman for the county Animal Services Department, revealed that the District Attorney’s Office was able to identify the abuser thanks to a tip that came in. Since then, they notified Sartor via mail that he was charged in the case. A court arraignment date hasn’t been set just yet, but it’s for certain that dear Dolly will get her justice and Sartor will definitely be paying the price for his vicious action.

Thankfully sweet Dolly, who was named by shelter employees, was not horribly injured when she was tossed by Sartor. The poor puppy has since recovered from the incident and now has a loving forever home after being adopted by a man named Bruce Phillips.

(Photo Source: Animal Services Department)

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