An Autistic Boy is Reunited with his Stolen Dog


A golden Labrador named Bane and his 8-year-old best friend TJ, who has special needs, are now happily reunited after being away from each other for 72 hours.

Last Friday the two-year-old pup was reported to have disappeared mysteriously from a locked garden in Co Tyrone.  They suspected that someone has stolen Bane from the garden.  The canine’s disappearance really broke the heart of the child.  This past weekend TJ’s parents scoured the area but couldn’t find Bane.

The pooch was last seen in the garden of Sion Mills Westway.  The gates were reported to be locked but they discovered footprints outside the gate and so it was assumed that the person who stole Bane jumped over the gate.

Following the disappearance of Bane on Friday, Stacey Earley, mother of TJ wrote on her Facebook page a desperate plea for the pooch to be returned:  “We have had Bane since he was five weeks old. Please whoever out there knows anything or maybe has the dog please, please, please I’m begging you to return him or if you know his whereabouts. This is breaking our hearts especially my son TJ. All we want is Bane to come back home to where he belongs.”

The pooch has been a great part of TJ’s life as a companion and a friend since he became a part of the family.  Stacey explained how Bane helped her son, who has ADHD and Autism, to live and have fun since the boy can’t go out and play on the street like any other kids.

On Monday, Bane the dog was located and returned to his family.  TJ’s family is so glad and thankful to everyone who helped them find Bane.  “I cannot describe how we are feeling right now it was a very long 72 hours. I would like to thank the owners of Blue Grass Dog Food who spotted Bane.  Thank you to each and every single one of you for all your support,” Stacey Earley said.

I am so glad that the pooch was found soon.  You can see how happy TJ and Bane are in their picture as they got reunited last Monday.

I hope the authorities will be able to find the person who took this lovely pup out of the garden.

Image via irishmirror


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