Ava the Dog Undergoes Amazing Transformation During Her Rescue


Ava the dog was homeless and living on the streets of Los Angeles when she was rescued by Eldad Hagar. After being tipped off about the homeless dog by a good Samaritan last month, Hagar rushed to rescue the dog. It is approximated that Ava was living on the streets for weeks before Hagar, the co-founder of LA-based rescue group Hope for Paws, was able to rescue her.

Along with the help of Victoria Van Violence, a German model looking to learn more about Hagar’s work, Hagar was able to gain Ava’s trust and took her to get help at a veterinary hospital. After a bit of coaxing and lots of affection, Ava made an amazing, swift transformation  from a skittish, terrified dog to a warm and cuddly pup in a matter of moments!

“It took just 10 seconds from the moment I initiated physical contact with her, until she was just loving being touched,” Hagar told The Huffington Post. “To me, this is like magic — the speed that she accepted my love…is just amazing.”

This week, Hagar posted Ava’s incredible rescue video on YouTube, which shows Van Violence’s interesting interactions with the canine in its fullest.

“I [taught her] the reasoning behind every decision I made that day,” Hagar explained. He hopes that the video will prove to educate people interested in the whole process behind the dog rescues he conducts. (Additionally, he heeds caution to not attempt this unique method on stray dogs – it “could result in a serious injury,” he warns.)

The rescued Ava, who is about a year old, is currently off the streets and living with a foster family.

Image via Huffington Post/Edgar Hagar


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