The Avengers Have Been Replaced by Corgis!


We’re not sure how many of you have seen The Avengers but suffice it to say we are putting Marvel on notice and are requesting all the stars of the film be replaced by Corgis.   It just has to be that way!  Wait a second, here’s an even better idea.  Can we possibly have every single Superhero in any movie be replaced by a Corgi?  How about a television show just dedicated to Corgis playing superheroes.   OK television networks.  You heard it here first.  Corgis as superheroes!

Anyway, Thanks to Tumblr user (and celebrity corgi) Omelette the Corgi, who had the brilliant idea to enlist all her corgi friends for a Halloween Avengers initiative, it’s evident that A. We need more dogs in the world and B. a life with a Corgi is a better life, period.

Oh and by the way Nick Fury, you can stay too!


Image via Omelette the Corgi

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