How To Avoid The Wrong American Bulldog Breeders

American Bulldog

When it comes to buying a protection dog you have to be careful where you are getting the animal from.  Many of these large canines have fallen victim to the dog fighting underworld.  These groups of criminals are actively breeding dog for both sale and fighting purposes.  Many of these people have ties to gangs and other organized criminal operations.

One particular breed the American Bulldog, over the years has fallen prey to these types of people.  So to air on the side of caution, you should always check out American Bulldog Breeders before you purchase your new animal.

Always Know Who You Are Buying From

It doesn’t take much effort to check out the person you are buying your animal from.  There are many American Bulldog Breeders out there that operate with transparency and welcome you to take a look at their breeding facilities.  They also pride themselves in producing high quality animals with even temperaments.  So before you hand over any cash, get to know your breeder and ask to see where your new puppy was raised.

Stay Away From Craigslist At All Costs

While there can be good people on this website, it’s still considered the wild west of the internet.  Unlike other websites there isn’t much you can do if someone rips you off.  This is why so many people that produce dogs for fighting purposes use this website to unload unwanted animals.  So in your best interest, you should stay away from purchasing an animal through this website.

Contact a Rescue Group That Specialize In This Breed

A great alternative to getting your dog directly from a breeder is to try finding one at a rescue group.  The dogs that are taken in by these groups have to go through a screening process to weed out aggression and they would never allow anyone to adopt a dog that was vicious.  This will not only get you the kind of dog you want but it will also help control the pet population. So give a dog in need a home and they will love you for a lifetime.

So if you have your heart set on getting one of these canines, follow these tips and soon you will have the dog of your dreams.  Remember to stay diligent in your search and only get your new animal from someone that loves them as much as you do.

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