Baby Boy and His Dog Have 20K Instagram Followers and Counting


When Devin Crouch took and posted adorable photos of her baby boy and their dog online, she never could have imagined her shots would be seen all around the world! Like most new mothers, she took a lot of photos of her new baby boy Carter. However, she noticed, every photo she took of Carter, their family dog Toby also appeared in the photograph. Instead of cropping or Photoshopping the dog out, she opened an Instagram account, embracing  the canine by posting all the photos of the baby boy and his dog.

The pictures of the baby and the dog were so adorable, family and friends began to share them with others. On a friend’s recommendation, Crouch tagged one photo “Dogs of Instagram,” and that opened the floodgates! The Instagram account carterandtoby really took off and now there are over 21,000 followers. People from all over the world have taken a peek at the photos, and now the boy and pup have fans in England, Belgium, and even Korea.

Aside from the worldwide recognition over the cute and adorable camera shots, Crouch hopes for more than just people gushing over the pictures. She would like the photos to help save other rescue dogs like Toby.

“My dream would be to publish a book so we could pass along profits or portions of it to help rescue,” she said. “This is so good to show people that he is a rescue dog, but he’s good with kids.”

So far, there’s no stopping the photos. Expect more shots and even maybe some video, as the family’s baby boy just started talking! A big indication that Toby is a true member of the family? Carter’s first word out of his mouth was “dog.” (Awwww!)

Photo Source: Carter and Toby Instagram 

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