Baby Pup Gets Rescued From Well

One moment you are playing with your pup and all is well.  Then you turn around to get a drink or look somewhere else, and when you turn back, it is gone.   Moments later you hear the small dog weeping, crying for help. You follow the noise and realize that your dog fell down a well, over 30 feet deep. That is just what happened to one California family’s dog, but don’t worry. You know we focus on GOOD news, so you know the pup gets rescued from well……

Good thing the family acted fast when they heard the distress cries. They called the local fire station, and the rescuers came immediately. Granted, getting a tiny puppy out of a well without hurting the puppy is not an easy task, and the fire fighters sure had their work cut out for them. It seemed no matter what they tried, it would not work. Then they got the bright idea to use rope and pike poles to bring him up the top of the well so the rescuers could grab him. Did they? Well, what is the title of this article? Baby pup gets rescued from well, so of course they did.

The Jack Russel Terrier pup named Lucky ( how true is that name) came up a little shaken and scared, but no major injuries and none the worse for wear. It is times like this you cannot help but stop and admire the work fire fighters and animal rescue do. SO many of these stories would not have happy endings if it were not for their unwavering bravery and devotion.

Thanks guys, we see what you do and we love you for it.

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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