When a Baby Won’t Stop Crying, Watch What This Dog Does

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You really should watch what this dog does when this baby wont stop crying. When you see it, you will be all awwwww. Truth is, I am not going to use science to completely ruin this video for you. Not on purpose, of course. But we are a site that focuses on dogs and dog behaviors, so wouldn’t you like to know the real reason dogs do stuff like this. Seriously, though, you gotta watch what this dog does to soothe this crying baby.

So what it will look like to you, is that the dog knows the baby is in distress and decided to howl or sing the baby to sleep. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? Just makes you realize how awesome dogs are and how much they love is. Thing is, that is not what the dog was doing. When a dog howls over a train or howls over music, no, it is not miming the sound or singing along. I know we want to think that, but that is not the case. A dog has incredibly different hearing than us, and some higher frequencies, when frequent and loud, can cause major distress to the dog. So they howl over whatever sound it is to drown it out in their own head.

So really, this is this dog’s way of telling this baby to shut up and go to bed. But seriously, watch what this dog does: To the untrained eye and mind, that is adorable, huh?

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

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