Badly Injured Dog Gets a Second Chance at Life


Photo via Scripps Media

A French Mastiff that was brutally harmed is now getting a new shot at life. Hooch is a stray dog that was taken in by Marley’s Mutts, a California based rescue organization. Mutts has seen their fair share of horror stories but Hooch’s story is one of the worst they’ve heard. While trying to x-ray Hooch’s mouth, they made an unexpected and disturbing discovery. “His mouth didn’t have a tongue. Absolutely no tongue at all, not even a stump,” said Thomas J. Willis of San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital.

The folks at the hospital believed that Hooch was being used as a bait dog. His ears were also chopped down to the base. It’s believed he was a dog used to teach other dogs how to kill. Currently the staff has attached a feeding tube to Hooch which will finally allow him to take in the necessary nutrients he needs to survive.

Zach Skow was the one who rescued Hooch and Andrea of the Vet Hospital had this to say: “It tugs at my heart to think that somebody could do this to this poor dog,” said Andrea Bertolucci of the San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital. “He’s such a sweetheart and he just wants to be loved on.”

For more on what you can do to help save Hooch, go to Marley’s Mutts.

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