Balancing Dog Jack Helps His Owner Propose


Jack the Dog became famous earlier this year for his ability to balance household items. Amongst these items were a frying pan, an egg, and a bottle of shampoo which were placed on his head. Over the weekend the dog (an Australian Cattle breed) displayed his talents once more.

On Monday, Reddit users Trey Doig and Nicole Lee shared a photo of the furry proposal assistant, writing, “Hey Reddit, I’m Jack the dog who balanced household items on his head. My humans got engaged this past weekend and I helped!!”

As you can see in the photo above, a vintage style engagement ring was perched right near the canine’s nose. We’re so happy for the couple and we must give a shout to Trey for proposing in such a creative matter. Thank God Jack didn’t eat the ring! For more pics of Jack balancing you can visit Huffington Post.

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