A Baltimore Dog Fighting Ring is Busted

Dog Fighting Ring

Dogs are beautiful and one of the smart creatures in this world. These animals are mostly calm and sweet in nature. But some people take advantage of dogs to achieve financial gain and entertainment, which are done in horrible way. This is a sad reality that the world has to deal with.

Dog fighting is a popular activity in the underworld that involves money and animal cruelty. Innocent canines are bred for one reason only and that is to fight other dogs. This is very unfair on the part of the dogs because they didn’t have a chance to live the life they are supposed to have. Instead they are forcedly trained hard and under a lot of pressure for them to become violent.

Recently, in Baltimore, Maryland, a dog fighting ring was busted following a yearlong investigation. According to Baltimore officials, the bust led to the indictment of 22 alleged members of the organization.

The investigation started in the summer of 2013. Since then, authorities recovered more than 130 dogs (including puppies), mostly pit bulls, firearms, breaking sticks, numerous treadmills, heavy chains, condition harnesses, steroids, topical and injectable medications (which are strictly for licensed professionals to administer), surgical equipment, bloodstained dog fighting rings and breeding stands—which is known as ‘rape stand’ by dogfighters. The recovered evidences are sure sign of how the canines are treated poorly by the suspects.

Thiru Vignarajah, Assistant State Attorney of MD said, “In this unforgiving world, a dog who loses a fight is routinely executed, most commonly by hanging, electrocution, drowning or shooting”.

Although some of the fighting dogs survived the violent fight, they are often stricken with illnesses that are usually complications from the injuries they obtained from the fight. And those who lost the fight are killed without mercy. There is no excuse for doing this crime. It’s just plain wrong.

The suspects of this dog fighting ring are no strangers to the law. In fact, 17 of the 22 defendants have criminal histories and eight of them were convicted of violent crimes in the past. Two of the 22 were convicted of sex offense, one is convicted of murder and five are convicted for handgun violations.

I hope their arrest is going to stop other violators from committing the crime of dog fighting and animal cruelty. Sure, this is a big problem that is not going to be solved overnight. But the successful bust operation conducted by the Baltimore authorities was a step towards protecting innocent animals from violence.

Image via WBAL-TV\Robert Lyon

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