The Barkerbag: A Sleeping Bag for Dogs



Often people who love their dogs also love to spoil their dogs. Maybe your dog only drinks the finest imported waters. Perhaps your dog only eats finely shredded meat. Heck, maybe your dog house is nicer than your actual house. We wont judge you for any of these things. When it is within means, it is nice to splurge on the ones you love. Introducing, for those of you who insist of getting all the newest things for your dog, the BarkerBag. A sleeping bag for dogs.

Wait, wait. Not to get your hopes up yet. It just got funded at Kickstarter, so you may have to wait awhile for this one.  So just what is the BarkerBag and what does it do? Well, it is a sleeping bag for dogs who travel and go camping with their families. There are a few different sizes for different dogs, and it is much nicer than just throwing a blanket over them and hoping it keeps them warm. It also is the perfect size to fit in a tent with you and whomever else you may be traveling with. Reality is, it is a great idea, and we are glad to see it got funded. A great many of us like to take our dogs on our outdoor adventures with us, and the BarkerBag looks like it is going to make that even easier.

We will keep you posted on this project as it develops further.

(Photo via LifeWithDogs)

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