Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Are Adorable but They Do Grow up Fast

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies are super cute and highly intelligent animals.  These very large puppies are very fast learners and will take on any challenge with great ease.  One of the largest of all dog breeds, these animals growsat a very rapid rate.  These giants can grow up to 125 pounds when fully grown.  But when they are young, they are very cute and fun to be around. This is probably why these dogs are becoming more popular each and every year. If you want to get a good idea of what one of these little guys looks like, I have provided a video below for your viewing pleasure.

In the video below, you will see an example of one of these animals.  Note how he playfully attacks the piece of lemon that his owner has given him.  Then he closely watches the fruit with a very alert and serious look on his face.  The cute small but powerful bark he lets out will melt your heart.  This is just one example of how intelligent these animals really are.  You can see in the video that he is sizing up the fruit before pouncing on it. This little dog is very fun to watch and as you can see, he is very attractive to look at.  So make sure to check out the video below and see for yourself just how amazing these dogs really are.

I know the video probably made you want one of these dogs to call your own.  Am I right?  But if you do happen to get one of these canines, remember they grow up very fast.  The cute puppy in the video won’t stay that small forever.  So make sure that you have plenty of room for them to run around in.  These dogs love to be active and keeping one penned up inside a small apartment won’t make either of you happy.  Also make sure you have the budget to feed them because these dogs can really eat a lot.  But if you do have the proper location to keep this animal, they will make a very great pet for you and your family.  You will get years of enjoy out of this canine and owning one is really a joy.

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