Bernese Mountain Dog Risks Own Life To Save Two Swimmers From Riptide

Dog rescues people

Two swimmers were luckily saved by a Bernese mountain dog after they got caught in a dangerous rip current at a beach in Southern California.  The incident happened at a Ventura beach on March 19, 2015.  The three-year-old pooch named Nico ran to the water after he heard the swimmers and their children that are on the shore calling for help.

Dan and Vivian Clarke are Nico’s owners.  The Clarkes shared that it was only a few months ago since they had took Nico home with them.  Dan was a former lifeguard and told KTLA news station about the dramatic rescue their dog did.

“He went right out to her, right up to the side of the boogie board and he swum his body around while he was swimming.  I just said, Grab him anywhere you can,” said Dan Clarke, owner of Nico.

The woman then held on to the pooch’s chest while her other was holding her boogie board and allowed Nico to take her to the shore.  The woman’s husband was also taken by the current and failed to rescue her after he tried to swim the 100 yards distance to his wife.

“I know how treacherous it is out here and what a false sense of security it is.  To be not that far off shore and just get caught out and nobody around to help you,” Vivian Clarke said.

The unnamed couple that Nico rescued from the dangerous riptide was very thankful to the pooch, and was surprised by its heroic act at the same time.  The couple were happy to be back safely to the shore where their kids played and waited for them.  In fact, they asked Dan Clarke if Nico is a trained life-saving dog.  The unnamed couple were happy to be back safely to the shore where their kids played and waited for them.  “That’s the first time I’ve seen him doing something like that,” Dan Clarke answered them.

Clarke was amazed with his pooch’s bravery and courage to save the trapped swimmers.  He didn’t have a clue that their recently adopted canine possessed that kind of feat because Nico didn’t have any aquatic training.

A big thanks to Nico for saving the couple’s life from the dangerous rip current.  He is one brave and courageous pup.

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