The Best Money Saving Pet Sites Out There

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It’s no secret that owning a dog (or cat or any pet for that matter) is easy, especially on your wallet and bank account. Having a pet requires quite the number of expenses and is almost like having your own child that you need to provide for financially. Luckily, there are some ways to cut costs, or at least help snip a few dollars here and there, thanks to the help of some money saving websites that specialize in pet products.

Here are five of the best money saving pet sites out there:

1. DoggyLoot 

In order to use the free site, you have to sign up for it, which may or may not be a turn-off for some folks. But, by signing up, you automatically get daily emails that are tailored for the kind of dog you have so you are sent information about products you personally would have/would like to buy. They offer free shipping and name brands, and often will offer items and products not found in local stores.

2. Coupaw

From toys to beds to flea meds, this site provides good deals on practically everything you need for your pet. They have three ways you can save on the site: you can buy items directly, redeem in-store deals from local stores, or purchase vouchers for use on other websites. They also offer free shipping as well as name brands.

3. PetMountain

A site that carries all name brands up to 70% off as well as free shipping over $75?! Count us in! The unique aspect of this site is that it also offers returns and exchanges if made within 60 days. Not too shabby! They carry hundreds of items you may not even think to need, like parts for your crates. Talk about a full service!

4. PetEdge

This discount magazine offers discounts on daily products, which is always a good thing. Everything you can and will need for your pet is located here, and at great prices.

5. PetAssure

This is not as much for products as it is a service, pet insurance in particular. After all, all pets need medical care at some point. It’s an interesting alternative to pet insurance and comes at an amazing price. Basically, it’s a vet discount program that gives you 25% off all in-house vet services as well as discounts of pet care products. The cost of membership starts at just less than $10 a month.

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