The Best Summer Treats for Your Dog

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Man, Summer is in full bloom, huh? Crazy how Summery is it outside. All warm and bright and stuff. You know what one of the best things about Summer is for us? All the cool treats we get to indulge in. But guess what? What about your dog? What are the best Summer treats for your dog? Don’t worry, silly. We got you covered, too.


You can use water or even organic chicken or beef broth. It is totally up to you. But your dog will love chomping on this frozen treat.

Frozen Carrots

Healthy and tasty? This is a win for you and for the dog. And it being frozen means the dog has to put in more effort to receive the reward.

Peanut Butter and Mushed Banana Frozen

Just put it into an ice cube tray overnight and let it freeze, and the next day your dog will have a frozen treat it will love and have a ton of fun eating.

Frozen Apple Slices

Slice them thin and freeze them overnight, and your dog will have a sweet treat it can eat up the next without the caloric worry. Heck, even frozen green beans work on some dogs, even though they hate them when not frozen.


We feel the need to take a special mention of frozen grapes or raisins, which some people seem to love to bust out in Summer for their dogs. Stop that! They are not good for your dog, no matter who has told you otherwise. Makes us so mad to see how many people think this is okay. It isn’t.

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

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