The Best Way to Wake a Sleeping Pitbull is Definitely With Peanut Butter!

peanut butter dog

One of the best ways to wake a sleeping dog is with food.  While some dogs prefer to be wakened by bacon and others by dog treats, the pooch in this next video seems to prefer peanut butter.  As the owner of this beautiful Pitbull carefully spoons out from a jar of peanut butter, he draws it near the dogs face. But before the owner can get too close the pooch wakes up and looks directly at the spoon.  Then the owner accidentally gets some of the food on the dogs face.  But this doesn’t seem to bother the pooch and he quickly licks it off!

This is a super funny video to watch.  You can tell that the man was playing a small joke on the dog, but the canine’s reaction is priceless.  Once the dog finishes the peanut butter from his face he seems to want some more.  But the video cuts off before we can tell if his owner is kind enough to share some more with the dog.  During this short video, you can tell that both the owner and the dog have a sense of humor.  Some dogs would be very grumpy if they were awakened by their owners, but not this dog.  He really loves his owner no matter what kind of prank he is pulling on him.

The dog could probably smell the peanut butter once the man opened the jar and was just pretending to be asleep.  But no matter if the dog was awake or sleeping; it made for one super funny video.  Dog lovers around the world have now watched this viral video and it’s gotten over 130,000 views so far.  Before long this clip will have made its way around the world, making the dog famous.  So you might be seeing more of this dog in the future and his owner will probably be playing a different kind of prank on him in another video.  If you want to check out this hilarious clip, make sure to check it out below.  If you have a canine lover in the family, make sure to share it with them as well.

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