Big Dog Hides Behind Dad When Mom is Upset with Him

dog hiding

Even big dogs get scared sometimes, and it’s usually when their human mother is upset with them for misbehaving. You will never see a big dog like Boomer back down when his family is in danger. A dog like this will face a snake, a bigger animal, a burglar or anyone who seems to wish harm on his family, and he will fight to the death to protect those that he loves. It’s quite simple; these are dogs that love their humans and really want their humans safe and happy in life. They are fiercely loyal and protective, and there is nothing that is a better feeling to humans than knowing their dogs have their backs at all times. It’s just one of those reasons people get dogs in the first place.

There is only one thing in life that scares a big dog like Boomer; his mother and his poor behavior. When Boomer chews some tinsel around the house, his human mother asks him about it. Knowing he is the guilty party, the dog immediately gives his mother a very sorry look and then immediately jumps behind his human father for safety. It’s hilarious to watch this dog and his discomfort. After all, these are the people he loves the most in the world and he doesn’t want to disappoint them. Unfortunately, that tinsel looked pretty good. Now he feels bad and hopes his cute behavior is all it takes to make his mommy forget that he ate her decorations.  

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