Labrador Retriever Trained as Diabetes Alert Dog Saves Boy’s Life

life saving dog

It’s been proven time and time again that dogs are life savers. They can help you live longer. They can help you get more exercise and they can help you live a higher quality life all the way around. That’s why we think everyone should get a dog at some point in their lives. Some dogs, though, are so much more than that. Some dogs save lives. Jedi is a Black Labrador Retriever that has been trained as a diabetes alert dog (they call them DADs). He knows so many things that we normal people might not know at all, and he is proud to show off his skills and save a life. When Jedi’s boy, Luke, a Type-1 Diabetic, was asleep one night, Jedi did just that. The little boy sleeps with a number of pieces of equipment attached to his body, including an alarm that allows his mother to know when his blood sugar drops to a dangerous level. One night recently, however, his alarm was not working properly.

The alarms did not notify his parents that he was at a dangerous level, but the dog knew it. He got up on top of Luke’s mother and laid on top of her until she woke up. The dog then alerted her to the fact that their little boy was in danger. His mother checked his levels on his monitors and found nothing wrong. However, Jedi would not stop growling and persisting. A good dog that listens all the time, he refused to listen to her. That’s when she knew something was wrong with Luke. She did some tests and found out his blood sugar level was at 57 (anything lower than 70 is considered unsafe for him) and she was able to administer him the care he needed when he was so sick. Thank goodness for a beautiful, wonderful dog like Jedi.

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