The Black Maltese isn’t Technically a True Breed

 Black Maltese

There are a lot of breeders out there today claiming they have purebred animals when in fact they don’t.  Several mixed breed canines are being pedaled as the real deal and this has upset quite a few people. These dogs have been the topic of great debate over the last few years and some people insist that these dogs are a separate breed.  But those who follow the American Kennel Club standards know that there is only one true color coat.

One of these hybrid dogs that some less honest breeders are selling as a purebred animal is the Black Maltese.  While these dogs are very beautiful animals, a true Maltese only comes in one color; pure white. The American Kennel Club has set this standard and does not recognize any other coat color. This may shock some of you out there that already own one of these dogs.  But you can find a few hybrid clubs that consider these animals as designer dogs.  These pooches are also sold by many different breeders.

So if you come across a breeder that is selling these animals as purebred then you should stay away.  These breeders will also have very high prices and will more than likely tell you that these dogs are rare but this simply isn’t the case.  These dogs are very hot right now and many people are searching for them.  This has caused an explosion in the number of people breeding these dogs, and many have ended up in puppy mills.  This is why you have to be careful who you do business with.

But if you still want one of these very adorable little dogs go to a breeder that will tell you the truth up front.  An honest breeder will tell you that their Black Maltese puppies are actually a cross between two different dogs.  While half of your dog will be Maltese, the other half will likely be a poodle or similar small dog that has a dark coat.

These cross breed dogs make great pets and a mixed breed dog is often very healthy.  But make sure that the breeder you are getting your new pet from only produces high quality animals.  Avoid getting your new pooch from a flea market or from a roadside stand because you could be getting a dog that was breed in a puppy mill.  Instead find someone that breeds these dogs inside a home.

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