The Black Pug: A Compact and Attention Seeking Dog Breed

Black Pug

One of the most compact of all dogs is the Pug.  These short and small dogs are very sturdy and have great muscle tone for such a tiny animal.  While all of these dogs are very beautiful animals, the Black Pug is one of the most attractive.  There is just something special about the color coat of these very cute little dogs. The Black Pug has been around for many years and has been thought to originate from China.  The first mention of these dogs in history dates back to B.C. 206 which is a very long time ago. Later in the 1500’s these dogs began to show up in different parts of the world due to newly opened trade routes around the world.  But it wasn’t until after the American Civil War that these dogs started showing up in the United States.

While most small dogs love attention, these dogs crave it more than most breeds out there.  They will often jump at your feet trying to get you to pick them up.  When it comes to their owners, they really hate to be without them.  You will find these dogs often in the laps of their owner and when they get up to go to the kitchen for a snack, these little dogs will be right behind them. So if you are going to own one of these canines you are going to have to give it a lot of your time.  These dogs are not going to do well if you are away from home all of the time.  So if your job requires you to travel, you might want to think about getting a different breed.  These dogs were never used for anything but companion animals and this is probably why they get so attached to their owners.

These dogs are very funny little animals and can often be found doing cute little tricks to entertain their owners.  Very smart dogs they can be trained to do a wide range of tricks.  Another thing that makes them super cute is their snoring. Due to their short muzzle, these dogs will often snore very loudly when taking a nap.  So if snoring is something that bothers you then you shouldn’t get one of these dogs as a pet.  But if you are like me and find it cute then this is the perfect animal for you.

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