A Blind and Deaf Dog’s Best Friend and Guide is a Cat


Cats and dogs don’t exactly have the best reputation for being friends or, infact,  friendly at all. In fact, many would peg the two to be natural enemies. But then again, those who say and believe that have never met Tervel and Pudditat, a dog and cat best friend duo. Tervel is a 14-year-old blind farm and deaf dog who has been known to be afraid of leaving the safety of his bed. Pudditat, on the other hand, acts as a seeing eye doctor for the canine. The stray feline is known to many as a bully, as she is really mean to other cats that are around her. But for some odd and unknown reason, he took a liking to Tervel, perhaps sensing that the blind and deaf dog was definitely not a threat to him.

Pudditat actually acts like a seeing eye guide to Tervel, leading the canine around with his tail. Thanks to his new pal, Tervel isn’t afraid to walk around outside anymore because he has his trusty buddies. Before he met and became fast pals with Pudditat, the senior chocolate Labradaor most likely used to think that he was living in a sad, lonely world all on his own. As the poor dog’s vision started to fail him, the larger canine’s body would cause him to bump into things. Because of that, it is believed that the dog should be a little more active.

The video below is a snippet of the National Geographic documentary, “The Secret Life of Cats” that chronicles and highlights some of the highlights. the duo’s relationship. It shows the friendship of the duo and you can see Tervel and Pudditat and how they got to know one another. You can also learn to take of the poor guys.

(Photo Source: National Geographic)

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