Blind Dog Saved From Scary Sink Hole

It is daunting enough having a blind dog whom you need to be careful for, but sometimes all the preparation and caution cannot keep things from happening. Take for example the story of Samantha. A blind Lhasa Apso who was walking along, minding her own business, when a sinkhole opened up and almost swallowed her whole. Luckily, like all our stories, this one has a happy ending or we sure wouldn’t be telling it right now.

According to WHAG-TV Susanne Geary was walking along, just enjoying the day with her blind dog and best friend Samantha, when the ground pretty much just gave way and started swallowing the dog into the bowels of the moist Earth. Susanne started screaming, and neighbors reacted quickly. The crazy part is, even with the neighbors helping, the dog would not come free. It actually took a team of 25 people to get the dog out safely and without any harm. Samantha was sent to the vet and sustained no injuries during the incident.

Alright, we can honestly admit, that is one of the scariest rescue scenarios we have ever heard. The last thing you think when taking your dog for a walk is that the Earth will swallow it whole. You think about cars and other dogs and weather, but you never think about sinkholes.

On top of that, Samantha is a blind dog, so imagine how terrifying it must have been for her? Actually, don’t. It is distressing to think about. Just be grateful the dog is okay and safe, with no injuries, thanks to some great neighbors and rescue workers.

(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

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