Blind Staffordshire Finds a Guide and a Forever Home

Blind Staffie

When a dog ends up living in an animal shelter, the main aim of the staff and volunteers working at that shelter is to find the dog a forever home. While some dogs find their forever home almost immediately, there are other dogs that aren’t quite so lucky. There are some breeds that are harder to place with families than others, and those who want to adopt a dog often want a young dog and are unwilling to consider an older pooch. Similarly, most people want a dog that is completely healthy as dogs that have any health problems could potentially cause them problems or cost them money in the future. Fortunately, most dogs will eventually find a home, regardless of their breed, age, or any health problems.

One example of this was a Staffordshire bull terrier called Amos, says I Heart Dogs. Amos was a young pup that had been born blind. Although he was an adorable dog with a lovely nature, his disability was hindering attempts to find him a forever home.  Fortunately, there was someone who met Amos and fell in love with him. This person was Jess Martin who met Amos while she was volunteering at the animal shelter where he was living. When she heard that Amos was having trouble finding a new home, she immediately invited the pup to live with her. Originally, this was intended as a temporary arrangement, but it soon became his forever home.

Jess already had a nine-year-old terrier called Toby, and she was worried about how he would react when she brought his new foster brother home to meet him. She was particularly worried because Toby was her best friend, and she was unsure how introducing a new dog would affect the dynamics of their relationship. She needn’t have worried because the two dogs got along surprisingly well. Although the first two days seemed a little uncertain, they were soon enjoying adventures together and they developed an incredible bond. The two dogs now have a wonderful friendship.

Prior to moving in with Jess, Amos had never lived in a home before. The poor dog had spent his whole life living in a rescue center. There were certain aspects of living in a new home that Amos found difficult due to his blindness. For example, he was frightened of the sound of the television, he did not like the sensation of the carpet under his paws, and he was constantly bumping into walls. Some of the simplest of tasks were a huge challenge for him, such as finding his way to his own water bowl.

Amos found a surprising source of support in getting used to living in a home, as Toby became both his friend and his guide. When the two dogs had first met, Toby had been a little unsure of Amos. However, Jess noticed something incredible happening between the two dogs. Whenever Amos was struggling to find his water bowl, Toby would go and help him by giving him a little nudge. This then developed into something more as Toby became Amos’ guide.

It was soon clear what an incredible friendship there was between Toby and Amos. It was also evident that Amos relied on Toby to go about his daily life. It was something that Jess and her family found really special to watch. Although Amos’ home life was great, he was still having problems with his health. His blindness was caused by a condition called canine glaucoma that increased the pressure in his eyes. This increase in pressure was causing him daily pain. On the advice of a veterinarian, Jess decided that the kindest option was to have his eyes surgically removed so that he was no longer in constant pain and suffering. After Amos had undergone the surgery to remove his eyes, Toby continued to act as his guide dog.

When the two dogs went out for a walk, Toby showed a great deal of patience. Amos would often become uneasy on a walk as strange surroundings and unexpected noises would scare him. This meant that he often needed to take a break to calm himself. Whenever this happened, Toby would lie patiently by his side and wait until his pal was ready to continue with their walk.  This has helped Amos to build his confidence in the outdoors, and hiking is now a favorite activity for both the dogs. When the two dogs are covering unfamiliar terrain, Toby guides Amos by giving him gentle nudges to guide him in the right direction.  Despite having grown his confidence in the outdoors and mastering the skills needed for hiking, Amos still has many skills to learn, including socialization and interaction with other dogs. When Amos meets new dogs when he is out and about, Toby often takes on the role of the middle-man. Every day, Jess and Toby are working to help Amos develop his socialization skills.

When Amos was invited by Jess to live with her and Toby, Amos could not possibly know how much his life would change for the better. Now that he has his forever home, he has the comfortable lifestyle that every dog deserves. Even better, he has found a lifelong friend in Toby as they share a bond that would be difficult to break.  Jess is exceptionally proud of both her dogs. She is delighted that Amos has learned to cope with his condition so well and adapt to new situations. Jess is equally as proud of Toby and the way he has helped and supported Amos by becoming his guide. IN fact, she is so proud that she has set up an Instagram page called jessyyandthewonderdogs that shows their followers the adventures they share together through photographs, videos, and posts. This Instagram page already has more than seven thousand followers who are keen to watch the progress of the two dogs.

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