Why Is My Blue Dachshund Having Skin Problems?

Blue Dachshund

There are some really cute small dogs out there, but one of the most adorable has to be the Dachshund.  These dogs come in many different color patterns, but the one that I find the most appealing to the eye is the Blue Dachshund. While this color pattern is not common, it is one of the most sought after.  This often drives up the prices of these dogs.  But if you don’t mind paying a little extra for these cute dogs, then you can have one to call your very own.

But if you are thinking of getting a one, there are a few things you need to know.  Skin issues with these dogs seem to be a big problem.  While all Dachshunds can suffer from skin allergies, the ones with a blue coat have more problems. Allergic Dermatitis seems to be the biggest issues with these dogs and it can get very serious if left untreated.  While all dogs won’t have skin issues, a large enough percentage of these dogs do.  This is why you have to keep a close eye on these dogs in particular.

Other skin issues that these dogs face include, Follicular Mange.  This skin condition is caused by mites.  While these mites are present on a lot of dogs, for some reason they tend to explode in population on dogs with this color coat.  It is not known why this happens, but if it does taking your pooch to the Vet is your only option. Hair loss is something else to look for, but may not be treatable.  These dogs can suffer from patterned baldness just like some humans.  This loss doesn’t cause any pain to the animal, but it will affect their appearance greatly.  Some Vets might recommend a periodic course of antibiotics, but in most cases this does no good.  But only a Vet can determine the condition of your animal.

Overall these are very healthy dogs and they make wonderful pets.  Just remember to keep an eye on their hair and skin and you will have a happy dog that will have a full life.

Image via rasdourian at Flickr.com

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