The Blue Doberman: What Makes Them So Blue?


When it comes to protection animals, there are a lot to choose from.  Some however are considered rare than others.  One of these rare types of guard dogs is the Blue Doberman.  While this very beautiful and powerful canine is not a separate breed, they are harder to come by.  But many of you might be asking, what exactly is a Blue Doberman?

What makes these dogs so different from the rest on their breed is their coat color. Black is the most common coat color in this breed while red is also popular. But the blue colored coat occurs far less often.  But what causes this to happen?

This different coat color occurs due to a genetic flaw and these dogs possess a gene that inhibits full pigmentation.  While most of these dogs are very healthy animals, having this different gene can cause them to have skin issues.  These issues can be mild to severe depending on the animal.

One of the most common skin problems that these dogs face is caused by the sun.  Since they don’t have full pigmentation, they are susceptible to sunburn which as we all know can lead to skin cancer. Another skin issue is scaly skin which causes the dogs skin to flake off and can be very uncomfortable to the animal.  But with proper treatment and precaution these problems can be dealt with.

Many people are interested in these dogs and are willing to pay high prices to get them.  But don’t be fooled by a breeder that claims these dogs are any different than the rest of the dogs in their breed.  The only thing that makes them stand out is their color.  So if a breeder tells you that blues make better pets or are less aggressive, you should know that this is simply not the case.  While these animals are unique looking and very beautiful, remember they also come with extra care in some cases.

But if you have your mind made up that you want one of these animals, always make sure to check out your breeder first before purchasing.  There are a few breeders out there that are in this business just for the profit and don’t care about the quality of their dogs.  Many are trying to cash in on this less common color coat and will breed these animals using very destructive practices.  So know who you are buying from.

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