The Blue Great Dane: A Sleek and Beautiful Large Dog Breed

Blue Great Dane

There are quite a few large dog breeds out there today and their popularity seems to be growing.  But the love for these dogs dates back many years as they were prized for their working ability.  Now many of these dogs are primarily used as companion animals.  One of these former working dogs is the Blue Great Dane.  Highly sought after for their coat color these dogs are often seen in TV commercials and even movies. I know many of you have probably never seen one in person but I am sure you are familiar with this wonderful animal.

These dogs are very popular due to their grey coats that appears blue with the light hits it.  To be considered a true breed, the dog has to have a deep steel blue coat that is solid and through the animal. This means that the dog should have no white markings what so ever. This standard was set by the American Kennel Club. This solid coat makes the dog look very sleek and if you ever see one you definitely appreciate its beauty. These powerful animals have both strength and grace making them one of the most impressive breeds in the world.

If you ever have been around one of these dogs you will understand why they are called massive.  When fully grown, these beautiful canines can reach up to 34 inches tall and they can weigh up to 200 pounds.  Can you imagine just how huge a 200 dog would be? But while they are huge dogs they are also very gentle and are great around kids.  So if you are looking for a family pet and have the room for them in your home, these dogs would be a good fit.  But make sure you have enough food for them because these dogs are really big eaters.

Due to their size and genetics these dogs have a shorter lifespan than some breeds.  While these are very healthy animals, they usually don’t live over 10 years of age.  However, there are some that have lived 13 years plus.  You should take this into consideration when taking home one of these dogs.  But while these dogs are around they seem to love life and make the most of each and every day.

Image via jwillier2 at Flickr.com

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