Blue Pitbull Puppies: What You Should Know About These Animals


If you are familiar with the Pitbull dog breed, then chances are you have heard the hype surrounding Blue Pitbull Puppies.  Many breeders will often refer to these animals as the superior breed. They will often make wild claims that these dogs are from some royal bloodline in Europe.  But the truth is these animals are not a separate breed at all.  The only thing that makes these dogs different from the rest is their coloring. These dogs will have the same characteristics as the other different colored dog in there breed.  So if you have purchased one of these animals, don’t expect them to have any supernatural powers or anything like that.

Don’t Be Fooled by Breeders Who Just Want to Cash in on This Animal’s unique appearance

Every day you see more and more ads for Blue Pitbull Puppies popping up online touting them as the best pit to own.  Many of these breeders are selling their dogs for hundreds of dollars more simply because of the coloring.  While some people who sell these attractive dogs are honest breeders who just like the blue coloring, others are just trying to turn a profit.  They will often try to tell you that these dogs are smarter or easier to handle than the rest of the breed.   But the truth is; that simply isn’t the case.  So if you want to buy one of these dogs make sure to go to a breeder who knows the truth about these beautiful animals.  Remember to steer away from anyone trying to sell this colored dog as a different breed.

These Are Still Beautiful Animals Even If They Are not a Different Breed

While these dogs may not be a different breed, there is something about their coat color that makes them standout.  Their dark gray almost bluish coat gives them a unique look on their own.  Some might even say these dogs take on a magical appearance and if you have ever had the chance to see one in person, you will understand what they mean.  Their sleek looking coats seem to shine bright giving the animal a healthy glow.  Many of these dogs have a solid white undercoat on the chest and belly that is the perfect contrast of colors.  So if you are looking to invest in a Pitbull, you may want to take home one of these majestic dogs.

Image via Bluepitbulls.org

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