This Border Collie Husky Mix is Super Smart!

Border Collie Husky Mix

When it comes to mixed breed dogs, you really can have just about any combination you want.  There are many breeders out there that specialize in all sorts of different hybrids.  But there is one that stands out in my mind as being one the smartest and most beautiful.  Can you guess which dog I a referring too?

If you guessed the Border Collie Husky Mix then you are right!  These dogs are highly intelligent and really beautiful animals.  The pup in the video below is a wonderful example of what these dogs look and act like.

As you will see in the video clip, these dogs have some of the most beautiful eyes in the world.  Their color patterns also standout and is very appealing to the eye.  The dog in the video when lying on the dark colored sofa really blends in well.

The owner of this canine has been working with this young pup, to learn some basic commands.  Even though the dog is very young, you can tell that he has learned a lot.  Commands such as stay, sit and paw are just some of the things that this pooch has gotten down.

Most of these dogs are easy to train and just like the dog in the video they are yearning to please their owners.  Very loyal animals, the Border Collie Husky Mix, will stick by your side no matter what comes around.  This is another reason why so many people want these dogs.

Very energetic, the dog in the video is a prime example of the temperament of most of these hybrid animals. Coming from two different working dogs, give these pooches two very strong bloodlines.  They are often much healthier than their purebred cousins and are very durable.

So make sure to watch the video below, to get a better understanding of why so many people are now seeking these animals.  You will be taken away by this pups beauty and his high intelligent.  If you see the video and decide you want one of these animals, there are many breeders to choose from.

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