The Border Collie Lab Mix: A Great Watchdog With A Loving Temperament

Border Collie Lab Mix

There are tons of different dog breeds in the world today and people are working to add even more to the list.  Many of these dogs are considered hybrids and while they are not recognized by any major kennel club, they are very popular.

One of the most beloved of these mixed breed dogs is the Border Collie Lab Mix.  These long haired canines are highly sought after by those who are looking for the perfect family pet.  These dogs have a very even temperament which makes them the perfect first dog for a child.  But some of these dogs do have the tendency to be somewhat aggressive towards smaller animals, so you should always socialize your new pet before allowing them to be around other pet members of the family.  If you get these dogs when they are puppies, they will normally grow to love each and every member of the family including other dogs and cats.

Very intelligent and curious, the Border Collie Lab Mix is easy to train and will work hard to please their owners. A combination of two very powerful working dogs, these pooches really love to run around outside and need room to exercise.  So if you are considering one of these animals, make sure to make enough time in your schedule to take them for long walks around the park.

When it comes to grooming these dogs are pretty easy to take care of. Even though they have long hair they are not prone to matting.  So a few trips to the groomers a year is all you will probably need. But you will have to brush them because they are shedders and will often leave tiny hairs all over the furniture.  So you might want to bath them once a week if you are going to keep them indoors.

While these dogs are not known for having a barking problem, they are very alert.  Any strange sound might set them off but it’s easy to get them to calm down and stop barking if the threat has passed.  They make the perfect nighttime watch dog. Also for those who are away from the home a lot due to work, these dogs will keep a watchful eye on the property while they are gone.

So if you are looking for a well-rounded pooch, this one will really make a fine pet.  Both loving and loyal, these dogs will provide you with years of enjoyment.

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