Boston Red Socks “Big Papi” Teams With Popchips and Pups!

David Ortiz holding puppy

What do Puppies, Popchips, and a prodigious slugger from the Boston Red Sox have in common? The Animal Rescue League! Boston Red Socks’ slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz loves two things for sure; baseball and dogs. Ortiz was part of a contest promoting Popchips, an all natural potato chip brand. Ortiz, not only a “hit it out of the park” baseball player, but a dog lover as well, dropped by the Animal Rescue League with a primary goal in mind; to raise awareness for shelter adoptions.  Ortiz cuddled with the sheltered dogs and definitely made some kids (and fans) very happy. So how did “Big Papi” end up at the animal shelter?

David Ortiz holding a bag of Popchips

Popchips had a contest and asked fans, “what would you do with “Big Papi”? The Animal Rescue League President’s Council Director Melanie Sheffield entered  the contest just ONE hour before it closed. Her answer? She would ask “Big Papi” to come to the shelter and play with the dogs. (Now that’s the kind of woman all shelters should have!) Needless to say, Popchips chose Melanie Sheffield as the winner. YES! Who could blame the people given the task to choose a winner after getting such a thoughtful response? An answer doesn’t get much better than that! When Sheffield was asked about her entry and hearing of her win in the Popchips’ contest, she said “We all love the Sox and we thought this could be a great opportunity for the League. “We’re over the moon.”

Imagine this; Kids raising money for something they believe in. Animals. Combine that with a legendary Rex Sox player. Talk about a home run! It was a good day in Boston on Tuesday! David Ortiz also took photos with the staff of the Animal Rescue League and talked to them about his love for dogs. Ortiz has a three-year old terrier named Foxy.

David Ortiz holding terrier

“That’s my girl, she won’t go to sleep unless I’m asleep,” he said. “Having a dog around…it’s like having another child.” David Ortiz said to his fans, the kids, and the press.

Yes, “Big Papi”! would have to agree; Dogs ARE family!

David Ortiz is no stranger in the world of baseball. He was with the Boston Red Sox in 2004 when they won the World Series. Ortiz has a .289 career average with the Boston Red Sox. Though a free-agent right now, Ortiz hopes to stay with the team. When asked about his free-agent status and whether or not he wanted to return to Boston Red Sox, Ortiz said, “who wouldn’t?

In addition to his appearance on Tuesday, Ortiz signed merchandise to be used in League fundraisers. Popchips also gave a special “doggie bag” to the first 50 people that adopted a dog on Tuesday. Children lucky enough to be part of the Ortiz meet and greet also had their photos taken with him.


David Ortiz holding dog

Keith Belling, Popchips co-founder said that Popchips was “happy to give the Animal Rescue League’s furry friends some quality time with Big Papi.” Keith Belling said how vital it is to find “exciting” ways to give back to the community.

“Big Papi” and Popchips just earned a few more fans. Hearing about big companies and people with celebrity status taking time out to give love to these sheltered dogs is music to our ears; the pet lovers. 5 to 7 million companion animals enter shelters every year. Of those, 3 to 4 million are euthanized. That percentage is too high and this is why big companies, like Popchips, need to reach out to shelters nationwide. A heartfelt thanks to “Big Papi” and the Popchips brand!




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