The Boston Terrier Pug Mix: A Very Lovable Family Oriented Dog

Boston Terrier Pug Mix

Many people that are new to dog ownership often don’t really know what kind of canine to get.  They get confused by the wide assortment of breeds out there and often put off getting a new pet altogether.  There are certain breeds out there including cross breeds that are better suited for new dog owners.  One of them just happens to be the Boston Terrier Pug Mix.

The Boston Terrier Pug Mix Makes the Perfect Pet

These very beautiful small dogs have one of the best and sweetest personalities around.  In fact, many breeders will tell you that this cross breed pooch is one of the best for new owners.  These animals do really well in homes with small children because they are not as aggressive as some of the other smaller dog breeds.  In fact, they are also recommended for active seniors who are looking for the perfect companion animal.

These Dogs are Very Low Maintenance Animals

When it comes to grooming you really don’t have to do much for these little dogs to look their best.  A simple brushing a few times a week and a bath twice a month is all you really need to do.  While some people enjoy taking their dog to the groomers, these animals simply don’t need much attention when it comes to their coats.  They have very shiny coats that seem to repeal most water and dirt.

These Little Dogs Can Live A Very Long Time

When it comes to life expectancy, you should be prepared to take care of one of these dogs for a very long time.  This dog mix can live up to 13 years and some have been reported as living even longer than that.  So if you are looking for an animal that will stay by your side for many years to come, this is the perfect one for you.

They Love Exercise but Their Needs Can Be Meet Quickly

These are very high energy dogs that often play in quick burst and then rest for the remainder of the day.  So a quick walk around the block or a play session will probably be enough for them to be happy.  Many larger dogs need a lot more exercise but some people either don’t have the time or can’t get around to walk them several times a day.  But with these little guys just 30 minutes or less of your time and they will be very happy little pooches.

Image via joshuajamesb at Flickr.com

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