Boxer Dog Has a Great Time with the Water Fountain

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Some dogs just wanna have fun. Most dogs just wanna have fun, actually. Especially when Summer comes around and weather is hot and everyone is outside. There is nothing most dogs love on that occasion more than some water to play in. It can be a kiddie pool, a hose, whatever. As long as it is cool and refreshing, our canine friends are all about it. Well, wait until you see this video of this Boxer dog and his own special water fountain.

This is actually one of those API Doggie Water Fountains, which are great. The ones where the dog can step on it to get a jet of cold water. As you will see in the following video, it takes this Boxer dog a few tries to understand how this thing works, but he figured it out pretty quickly. And once he figures it out, it is pretty clear to see what his new favorite thing ever is. The results are both hilarious and adorable, and I bet it makes a few dog lovers out there consider getting one of these for their favorite four legged friends.

Honestly, the thing looks like a lot of fun, dog or not. We might just buy one for the office.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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