Boxer Dog Tries to Save Owner’s Life from a Fire, Now She’s Fighting for Hers


Dogs are very loyal to their owners and many of them risk their lives to save them.  The canine in this next story did just that, but now is fighting for its own life.  It all started in the city of Goshen, Ohio, when a fire broke out in the home of Ben Ledford.

During this very tragic night, Ledford was overcome by smoke and had fallen to the floor.  But his 9 year old dog, a boxer named Carmen, never left his side.  In fact the canine tried her best to save the man, by covering his face from the smoke with her body.  But sadly the man died from smoke and now the pooch is fighting for her own life.

After rescuers found the dog, she was taken to a nearby animal hospital, where she was placed on a ventilator.  It seems the animal has suffered from severe lung damage, due to the smoke she inhaled while trying to save her owner.


Now the dog is being carefully watched by the staff and is monitored around the clock.  While her condition is grave, there is some hope that she will make a recovery.  At the time of this article, she was given a 50% chance that she will live.  This hope is all that the staff needs in order to keep working with the dog.

One Vet said that Carmen is mentally alert and doing much better than the night she was brought into the facility.  She recognizes her surroundings and she tries to interact with the people that are around her.  This is very good and part of the recovery process.

While Carmen has a very long road to recovery, there is a lot of hope that this brave dog will survive.  It’s unclear if the pooch has started breathing on her own, but she is doing very well despite her injuries.  If she makes it, she will probably always need special care in order for her to live a comfortable life.  Everyone is pulling for this very loving dog to recover soon and many prayers have been sent in her direction.

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