The Boxer Lab Mix: A High Energy Working Dog and Cute as a Button!

Boxer Lab Mix

The Boxer Lab mix is a special mixed breed that we’d love to discuss today.   For anyone who hasn’t had experience with one not only will we share some info but there’s an adorable video included.  Who doesn’t want that?  When it comes to mixed breed dogs today, there are loads of options out there and for whatever kind of cross breed we are looking for there is more than likely multiple sources from which they are bred.   While the boxer lab mix is not registered with the AKC, they are one of the most popular and loyal dog breeds out there.

These high energy canines are incredibly fast on their feet, highly intelligent, as well as extremely easy to train.   In fact the boxer lab mix is able to learn some commands that most dogs (and even some humans) wouldn’t even comprehend.  And can we just say that the boxer lab mix is also one of the most gorgeous of the mixed breeds as well.

They have distinctive “sleek” and their muscle tone adds to the interesting aesthetic appeal for dog owners.   The boxer lab mix is also incredibly agile which means when you are teaching them tricks, it will often come easier and quicker to them.   While they are easily trained animals, people often use these animals for home protection or working to protect livestock.  They are very hardworking canines and they simply love pleasing their owners.

If properly socialized, they make really good dogs to have around the farm or at home with the kids.  They are very loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect who they feel is a family member.  But like all dogs you have to make sure to give them some training while they are still young.  These can be high spirited animals and sometimes that gets them into trouble.  However, if you break their bad habits such as chewing on things early on, you will have a very well behaved dog and much better chance at success.  A simple obedience course is probably all you will need to ensure that your dog is of proper temperament and listens to your commands.

So if you are looking for a dog with lots of energy, the boxer lab mix could be the breed for you.   And of course we have an amazing video

This is Tully and she’s adorable!

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