The Boxer Mastiff Mix: A Very Noble Animal

Mastiff Boxer Mix

When it comes being noble, you simply won’t find a better hybrid dog than the one in this article.  This very loyal and majestic dog is known around the world as one of the best animals for home protection.  So what canine am I referring to?  It’s the Boxer Mastiff Mix of course.

The Boxer Mastiff Mix is A Very Loyal Animal Indeed

When it comes to being loyal to their owner and their family, these dogs are simply one of the best.  They will go to the ends of the earth to protect their families.  This very powerful urge to protect the ones they love is probably why so many people are now getting them for protection animals. While some may be a little afraid of these very large and muscular animals, with proper training they make the perfect watch dogs.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room for This Big Guys

While they can be kept in apartments, they need space and a lot of food.  These canines can reach 100 pounds so having enough room in your home is very important.  If you live in a tiny studio, you might want to think about upgrading to a larger living quarter if you are planning on owning one of these dogs.  Also, they can bark really loud so you might want to get them some obedience training, so they don’t wake up the neighbors every time they think they hear something outside. They can be very wary of strangers but are not normally aggressive in nature.  In fact, they are known to knock intruders to the ground and pin them in place without biting them once.

These Dogs Are Shedders So You Should Take That into Condensation

When it comes to shedding, these dogs do it year round no matter what the weather is like outside.  So people who are allergic to dogs will definitely have a problem being around this hybrid mix.  But with proper daily brushing you can eliminate some of that threat.  Also, giving them a bath either once a week or every two weeks is probably a good idea.  This will help reduce the amount of hair and dander that will get on your sofa.  So if you are planning on purchasing one of these dogs, make sure you have the time to properly groom them.  Taking them to the groomers is another great way to combat this naturally occurring problem.

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