A Boy and His Life Saving Alert Dog

Meet 9-year-old Sean and his life-saving companion Fielder, a British Labrador specifically trained to detect Sean’s blood sugar levels if they become dangerously high or low.  You might remember that we did a post on this exact same topic a couple months back with a young boy named Josh Elm.   Service dogs have been trained to detect when  blood sugar levels are low.   They can actually smell when the levels are dropping which is borderline miraculous.

In the video above we hear the story of Sean who has a similar situation that Josh Elm has.  His dog Fielder has the same ability as other service dogs like Sonny who can detect when blood sugar levels are dropping.   It’s a pretty amazing story and shows how far we’ve come with dog research and recognizing how truly amazing dogs are.

Fielder is truly a life saver and we can’t wait to see what other talents can be found in dogs for future miracles.

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