Buddy the Rescue Who Became A True Buddy

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So imagine you are driving home from work late one afternoon, and you see a dog that is clearly abandoned and hurt, rambling across the road. What would you do? For one woman, there was no question. You stop, get the dog into your car and try to get him some help. While she asked to remain anonymous, we still wanted to tell her story for how heart warming it is. She started calling hum Buddy right away, and took him around locally, only to figure out that no one knew who the dog belonged to. She decided to take Buddy home for a night until she could find him a proper home. Any dog lover knows what happens next, because it has happened to many of us.

When she got Buddy to the vet, she found Buddy the rescue had a myriad of problems. Ear mites, intestinal worms, and an eye that couldn’t be saved. It was tragic, but she had already grown attached to Buddy and made sure the dog got all it needed to get done to get better. In the process, she formed quite ┬ábond with the dog. Buddy was always appreciative and loving, like it knew he had much less of a chance of survival before she came around. Keep in mind, she only wanted to keep Buddy until he was well enough to find a nice, loving home. But guess what happened once Buddy was well enough to be potentially adopted. She decided that no could love Buddy as much as she could, and no one could have a bigger bond than what they had after what they had been through together. Come on, you knew that was going to happen with Buddy the rescue the minute we started talking about him.

As much as we all want to applaud this wonderful (anonymous) woman for stopping to help Buddy, we also want to applaud Buddy. You see, as much as she was the one who stopped and called the dog to her and helped it get better, its love obviously came to mean a great deal to her as well. In the same way she saved Buddy the rescue, Buddy saved a part of her.

So remember the next time someone says something about rescuing dogs, make sure to point out they rescue us as well.

Find this story and many other inspirational rescue stories here.

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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