Bulldog Loves to Fall Down A Hill for Fun

bulldog and a hill

Sometimes people find out that we have some weird habits and it leaves them wondering what on earth is wrong with us. I get it. I have my own weird habits that even my husband questions on the regular. However, that does not mean that I’m strange. Well, maybe it does mean that I’m strange. I’m not entirely certain, but I do know that Dr. Suess once said that we are all a little bit strange and that’s all right. He rhymed it, and it was a bit cleverer than I say, but still; you get it. Being strange is all right. We’re all a little silly at times. This dog has his own silly issues, and we are not going to judge him.

This bulldog has an obsession with throwing himself down a hill by his home. For whatever reason, he finds it perfectly acceptable and loves to do it. His parents say he does it all the time and has been doing it all his life. He will go to the top of the hill, throw himself down so that he rolls all the way to the bottom. Once he gets there, he will then get back up and then do it all over again. His family loves to record him since no one believes that a dog would actually do that to someone. We love it, and we are happy to report that this dog is actually quite funny in his strangeness. Check it out for yourself.

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