The Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix: Are These Dogs An Aggressive Breed By Nature?


When it comes to buying a dog for your family you really want to do your homework especially if you have small children.  The thought of bringing home a dog that will later attack their child is a fear that all parents face.  But with proper education and some hands on training, you can put those fears to rest and really start to enjoy your new pet.  Many people have concerns about the Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix and its history of being aggressive.  While there have been some reports of these dogs attacking people, you have to look at the bigger picture.

Any Dog Can Learn To Be Aggressive If Left To Their Own Devices

No matter what the breed of the dog is or its size, you can have problems with aggression if the animal is improperly handled.  Many of the dogs in those new reports have been mistreated by their owners and often left to roam the streets at their own leisure.  A deadly combination for any dog breed not taking the proper precaution with any animal can lead to tragedy.  Most responsible dog owners will never have to worry about this because they are proactive, and helpful in guiding their dog to the proper behavior.

What Makes Them Aggressive and What Can Be Done To Prevent It?

The Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix is truly a massive dog.  This cross breed is very powerful and full of muscle but that doesn’t make it predisposed to being violent.  While some dogs do get their aggressive behavior from their DNA, these animals often have either an aggressive mother or father which is handed down.  But even if your new pet’s parents are aggressive, it doesn’t mean that you can’t teach your dog not to be.  From a very young age, you should start to allow your puppy to interact with the rest of the family.  If you have other pets in the home bring them around and let them socialize while being surprised.  Also, you will want them to interact with strangers whenever possible so they don’t fear them.  This breed of dog is very loyal and will defend the home when the time comes. Teaching them not to attack everyone that walks in the door is a great way to control their dominance.  Remember with any dog, you must become the pack leader that will allow your dog to respect you and follow your command.

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