Caffeine Free Green Tea: Good For Dogs, Too!

Green tea is a wonderfully refreshing drink with loads of health benefits for those who drink it, but did you know green tea is good for dogs, too? Before we say anything else, we want to point out that you need to make sure that it is caffeine free green tea. This is an essential step to take before ever giving your dog green tea. But the health benefits of green tea not only benefit humans, but benefit our canine counterparts as well!

The benefits of green tea are plentiful, and if we were to sit here and name them all, we would be here for days, but we can give you a basic idea. Essentially, the antioxidants on green tea are the stuff of legend, and have been for years, especially in the Far East. It can help fight Cancer and heart disease, it can help promote weight loss, it is absolutely great for the health of your skin as well as your bones,  it is good for the liver, and on top of all that stuff, it is delicious and a great drink for Summer time (which is steadily approaching, or so we’ve been told).

Just a couple things to keep in mind when giving green tea to your dogs. Again, to reiterate the importance of this, make SURE the tea does not have caffeine. Last thing you need is your dog’s heart hammering out of its chest and it to be bounding around the house like ball lightning. Also, moderation. Yes, it is good for your dog, but the main drink your dog should be getting is fresh water.

That said, feel free to whip up a batch a green tea and give a little to Fido this Summer.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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