California Passes Ground-Breaking New Law for Fight Dogs


The world is sometimes a vicious place when you account for the bad guys. When people raise dogs to fight in fighting rings, they’re bad guys. For one, they’re breeding dogs that they are not caring for. They’re starving them, they’re treating them poorly and they are putting them in a situation where they are neglected, abused and taught to attack other animals so that they don’t die. It’s awful, and it’s why the State of California previously considered fight dogs that have been rescued “Dangerous” animals. They have been classified as “Vicious” for years. A new law, however, states that his is not the automatic assumption and classification anymore. Instead, former fight dogs are now going to be given a chance to be evaluated, trained and rehabilitated so that they can become tame animals.

Even better, these are no longer dogs who face almost immediate death via euthanasia. From now on, animals will be able to be evaluated before they are classified so that they don’t lose their lives so needlessly. It’s often the case that many former fight dogs know that their behavior as a fight dog is necessary to survive, but it is not the kind of animals they really are. Many former fight dogs can be rehabilitated and turned into docile, loving pets grateful for a chance to live with people who love them and care for them. We are so excited about this new law that we could not wait to share it with you. It’s everything we love about the world right now.

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