Can the Miniature Dachshund Be a Feisty Animal?

Miniature Dachshund

The Miniature Dachshund is a very funny looking but cute dog breed.  These sausage shaped animals are often referred to as “hot dogs” and “wiener dogs”.  Smaller than the standard Dachshund, these dogs typically weigh around 11 pounds and stand only 7 inches in height.  This makes them one of the world’s smallest dog breeds. This dog breed which comes from Germany was often used to root out small animals from their underground burrows.  This was often done to keep the rodent population in check.  Many farmers used these dogs to help protect their crops both during and after harvest.

I Have Heard That These Dogs Can Be Feisty and Aggressive

The truth is these dogs do possess a lot of spunk and when not properly trained, they can get into a lot of trouble.  Small children often play rough and this doesn’t sit well with these animals.  There have been reports that these dogs can bite if not properly handle.  But in homes with older children, these dogs make fine family pets.  You have to remember these dogs were bred to be hunters, so they will have a strong temperament.  This doesn’t have to become a problem if you do something about it when the dogs are young.  So if you are going to own one of these animals, make sure to socialize them with all members of the family including other pets.

How Long Can I Expect My Miniature Dachshund to Live?

As a general rule, small dog breeds live a lot longer than larger ones.  So this tiny dog should have a very long lifespan.  On average, these dogs can live up to 14 years but some owners have reported much older dogs.  So be prepared to spend a long time with one of these animals.  When it comes to health related issues, some of these dogs will suffer from obesity.  This can cause the dog to develop Intervertebral Disc Disease and can be very devastating to the animal.  Another sign that your dog might be suffering from this disease is loss of bladder control.  You will notice that your well trained and house broken dog will start having accidents on the rug.  This can be very alarming, so if you see this happening make sure to take the animal to the Vet right away.   But with proper exercise and the right diet, you can control obesity.  Also make sure to take your dog on lots of long walks.

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