Canine Companions Launches Campaign to End Fake Service Dog Products

As we mentioned last week more and more people are using fake service dog tags and vests to gain access to places with their dogs. People have been using them in order to take their dogs virtually anywhere as well as get discounts on certain items like tickets for the Hampton Jitney. These tags are also easily accessible as folks can find them online. Tags, vests, patches, and even certificates are available. However, these tactics are obviously illegal and circumvent the city Health department as well as break federal regulations to aid the disabled.

By law service dogs have to be allowed in restaurants and a myriad of other places. However, organizers at Canine Companions for Independence are calling on the federal government to crack down on what they’re calling an abuse of the service dog moniker. They consider these fake service labels as a “slap in the face” to people that actually need service dogs. For many people service dogs are a crucial part to living their lives.

To “use” dogs to gain access for owners is a new low in the animal world. Dogs are a great companion and should never be taken advantage of in this way. It’s not exactly animal cruelty as owners haven’t been reported to be abusing the dogs. In fact they treat the dogs quite well. This is simply human beings going down the wrong path.

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