CenterPoint Worker Attacks Two Weimaraner Dogs Unprovoked

man attacking dogs

We have to start by warning you that the video you see below is extremely graphic, and very difficult to watch. If you cannot handle the idea of seeing something so awful and so extreme, we urge you not to watch this video, please. This is the type of story that makes you sick to your stomach. It’s the story of one family who was home one day. They were in their house doing whatever it is you do when you are home and not really in need of doing anything else. They are in a community called Kingwood in Texas. Their two Weimaraner dogs were on their pool deck, which is enclosed. The dogs are there all the time and they love it. However, the family had no idea that their meter reader from CenterPoint electric was coming over to read their meter in their pool deck that day. He lets himself into the pool deck from the screen door and you can see in the video he takes out his wrench and begins beating the dogs in the face before they even get to him.

As you can see, the dogs did not run to him or attack him in any way. The one dog you see at first simply appears to approach the man quite calmly. What makes this worse is that the family was home, and would have brought the dogs inside had the man asked them to do so. Instead, he beat them so senseless and for no reason that they almost died. The family is horrified, and we imagine that they would like to see this man lose his job over this senseless attack caught on their security camera.

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