Charlie the Rescue Dog Gives Special Gift to New Loving Family


Barbara Montgomery received the surprise (and love!) of her life after a long night shift the hospital one especially rainy October morning in 2008. After finishing a twelve-and-a-half hour shift at work, the Los Angeles resident parked her truck near her house in the pouring rain. She opened the door to find a scrawny, soaking-wet little dog standing on her hind legs, practically begging to be held.

Montgomery’s neighbor, a highway patrolman, watched as she picked the small dog up and asked her, “Do you want her? She’s been out all night and my wife doesn’t want her.” Montgomery then went and took the pup to her building manager, who told her that if she didn’t want it she would take it, but that the dog wasn’t owned by anyone in the surrounding area.

Taking it home, Montgomery first named the dog Charlie, thinking it was a male dog Рturns out he is actually a female, but the name stuck. Upon initially inspecting the canine, she discovered the dog was covered in scabs, had severe worms, and was extremely thin. She took Charlie the rescue dog to the vet where it was revealed that the dog had no chip and they had never seen her before. She had the dog wormed, spayed, vaccinated, chipped, medicated and wormed again Р$800 later, Charlie was officially hers!

A Native American friend of Montgomery’s told her that when an animal chooses you, it is a special gift – something that she stands by wholeheartedly. While Charlie now has epilepsy and is on medication, she is the most wonderful dog she’s ever had. She considers Charlie as her special gift, as she chose her.

Image via The Animal Rescue Site


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