Check out this Amazing Border Collie Rescue

Rescue dog stories are our favorite. They just hit us in a place inside where they really resonate and stay with us. There are dog rescue stories we wrote up years ago that half of us here could still tell you about in all details to this day. Nelly’s story will be one of those stories. The kind of story so heart warming and genuine, that it stays with you long after you hear (or in this case, see) it. Nelly the Border Collie was a rescue, but in the end,  it was her who rescued the hearts of her new family. Couple things to know before partaking in this video: One, it will make you cry.  Two, it will make you cry.

Thing is, crying is not always a bad thing. Sometimes our souls make us cry over lovely stories with happy endings. Not all tears are bad. All I’m saying is, you may want to grab yourself some Kleenex right now. Though it is told using mainly pics and music, it just hits something deep in all of us. We think the music may have a lot to do with that, too. This is Nelly’s story. A Border Collie Rescue with the heart that will melt yours.

It’s a simple enough story, and one mostly without words. But you see how it just hits you in the feels? That is what we love about dogs. They make us into big, slobbering teddy bears. See people, this is why you get a rescue dog. You think you are giving them a new lease on life, but it is them giving you one.

 (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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